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To Provide agricultural, mining and infrastructural engineering solutions through internationally acclaimed dominant brands. We will achieve our mission through maintaining our core values; spirit of innovation; delivery of high quality products; a service that is difficult to copy and continuous investment in our skills.


Our goal as an organisatiton is to excite our customers and fulfil their requirements through offering the best engineering solutions and services through world class brands


Integrity - act honestly, responsibly and respectfully towards others at all times.
Teamwork - trust, support and motivate each other to increase the company's ability to deliver value to its customers.
Wisdom - work on ability to discern what is true, right and lasting.
Positivity - envision the future and focus efforts on services, excellence and competitiveness. Create value and optimism and make a difference to both the customers and employees.


  • 2014 Annual Report

    2014 Annual Report

    20 April 2015 by Zimplow Holdings -
    [button_download url=http://www.zimplow.com/wp-content/uploads/zimplowannualreport2014.pdf bottom_text="Zimplow ...
    Notice to shareholders

    Notice to shareholders

    20 April 2015 by Zimplow Holdings -
    Notice is hereby given that the Sixthy Fifth Annual General Meeting of the shareholders will be held at Zimplow Hol ...
    Mealie Brand Farm and Win Promotion

    Mealie Brand Farm and Win Promotion

    20 April 2015 by Zimplow Holdings -
    Lots and lots of prizes to be won including Massey Fergusson Tractor, generator, ploughs, motorbike and bag of fert ...
  • Condensed Audited Results March 2015

    Condensed Audited Results March 201...

    1 April 2015 by Zimplow Holdings -
    The directors would like to report the following audited results in respect of the Group and Company's operations f ...
    Circular to Shareholders

    Circular to Shareholders

    12 December 2014 by Zimplow Holdings -
    This document is neither a prospectus nor an invitation to the public to subscribe for shares in Zimplow Holdings ...
    Abridged Circular To Shareholders

    Abridged Circular To Shareholders

    9 December 2014 by Zimplow Holdings -